Wow you guys! I can’t believe I hit 29 weeks in the morning. We move in to our lake house in TWO weeks and have a really exciting summer ahead of us! I am trying to remain positive because I have been really bummed this week after learning I failed my glucola screen and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I immediately began a diabetic diet and started checking my sugars 4x/day. This is NOT what a cinnamon roll loving girl wants to hear but I am going to be strong for this sweet baby. Unfortunately, I have already lost 4lb in a few days with this diet change, so I need all the tips to keep calories up on this diet!

Can we talk about this dress now?! I feel like this is the perfect summer concert dress, the perfect first-date-walk-on-the-beach dress, and the perfect style for both those with and without bumps AND its only $23.00!!! Get it HERE!

Dress // Necklace // Shoes

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